Monday, October 8, 2012

Collab Halloween Challenge with Esme from A Beauty Addict's Diary Day 1 Black and Orange!

So this is my look for the first day of the challenge. Lame I know. But I was really pressed for time today and my son has been crazy fussy today :/ So I thought why not do a Jack o Lantern! Well I had a hard time putting on the face makeup and I forgot stick glue to cover my brows so ugh! But anyways I did it right? Hahaha next one will be better promise!

1.) Took black eyeliner and drew out the eyes, nose and mouth how I wanted them.
2.) Filled in the outlines of eyes, nose and mouth.
3.) Took white face makeup and put it all over my face.
4.) Took matte orange eyeshadow and set the white face paint.
5.) DONE! :)

Esme's blog link:

Thank you for reading! Next one will be better and more detailed!