Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 3: Doll

Ok so the next challenge was to do Doll makeup and here is mine although it's late! oops! But anyways here it is! So the steps are as follows:

1. I covered my brows using the glue stick method.
2. I did my regular foundation.
3. I then added blush. I just used a super bright pinkish reddish blush.
4. I then did my lips. I applied concealer to wipe them out then the the little doll pucker using a pinkish lipstick.
5. Next I did the white under my lower lash line to make it look like I had bigger eyes.
6. I added my brows which were obviously drawn higher than my normal brows again to give the illusion of bigger eyes.
7. I then added pinky eyeshadows and then topped it off with big dramatic lashes.
8. I added lashes on the bottom and lined on the extra space so it wouldn't look weird.
9. I finished it off with a big pink bow!
10. Tada!! You are done!

You can obviously use different colors for your blush, lips and eyes but I decided to go with a pink palette. I hope you guys enjoyed this look and go check out Esme's look on her blog!

Esme's Blog: