Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 11: Pin Up Girl!

 So today's look was a Pin Up Girl inspired look and this is what I came up with! Pretty simple so there won't be many steps to this one!
1. I did a bit of a natural eye color on my lid using some matte light brown taupes/browns.
 2. I did a dramatic winged liner using a gel liner.
3. I then added some mascara on my lower and top lashes and added some semi dramatic lashes.
4. I then did some kind of dramatic contour.
5. Finished it off with a red lipstick duh!
6. TADA!!! You are done!!

It's really simple huh? I love this look! I hope you guys had an awesome Halloween! Thank you for reading!


Halloween Challenge Day 10: Witch!

 So today's look was to do a Witch look and this is what I came up with!!! The face cream makeup was so not working with me as you can tell... lol but I tried my best!
So onto the instructions:
1. I added green face makeup all over my face. Well I tried anyways :/
2. I then did my eyeshadow. I just used a bunch of different greens from my 120 palette 1st edition
3. I added mascara.
4. I used a plum colored lipstick!
5. TADA!! You are done!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Have an amazing Halloween! I know I will! It will be my son's first Halloween EVER!! YAY! Hahaha thank you for reading!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 9: Barbie

So today's look was BARBIE! How fun huh? Well this is what I came up with. I used blue, purple and pink and I enjoyed this very much because I have worn looks like this quite a few times.
So onto the instructions:
1. I did my regular foundation routine.
2. I then did my eyes. I added a pink color on my lids.
3. I followed that up with a light purple in my crease and blended that up above my crease.
4. I took a darker purple into my outer V to kind of give a bit of definition.
5. I took a teal color on my lower lash line.
6. I lined my eyes with a whiter liner.
7. I lined my eyelid with a black liquid eyeliner.
8. I added a bit of sparkly white pigment eyeshadow in my inner corner to give it some sparkle.
9. I then added some lashes that I got from ebay.
10. I added pink blush.
11. For my lips I added some bright pink lipstick.
12. Do your eyebrows and you are done!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look because I know I did! It's pretty simple to do! Thank you for reading! 

Halloween Challenge Day 8: Pirate

So for today's look I did a pirate look! I could have done better but I thought not why a messy smoky look with dewy/sweaty looking skin?
So on to the instructions:
1. I did my foundation. I didn't add powder to make it look dewy/sweaty.
2. I added some reddish blush but just a bit.
3. I did my eyeshadow. I just did a messy smoky eyeshadow look.
4. I added a bit of a dark red lipstick.
5. Done!

So it's that easy! I was thinking that a pirate should have a messy look right?? hahaha so this is what I came up with. I hope you guys enjoyed!


Saturday, October 20, 2012


Influenster is the greatest thing! It is a program that lets you share your knowledge regarding different products with a lot of people! You can do it via blog, twitter, facebook, video, and even their own section for you to add your review of certain products! You can request an invite for free and you will enter into a realm that you will love to the max! It gives you the chance to write reviews, record videos and share on any and all social medias that you have what you luckily will get in your Vobox! You will get the opportunity to try amazing products and you will not regret joining! But you do have to try and give it all you've got to be the best of the best and to show your potential and what makes you stand out from others. It's an amazing opportunity to grow and develop into something better. You will get to help so many others with the knowledge you have in all aspects of life from makeup to food! So sign up for an invite and hopefully you soon will be one of the lucky chosen few to show what they've got! So go ahead! Sign up! It will be the best thing you have done! But let me tell you this, you have to give it all! You are going to be up against so many people! Just go to the link below and on their page you will get a more in depth explanation of this incredible program! I know you want to! Go! Now!!


Influenster Beauty Blogger 2012 Voxbox!

 So I qualified to be one of the many beauty bloggers who was lucky enough to receive an Influenster Beauty Blogger 2012 Voxbox!! Man do I feel so happy!!! There were some incredible things in this box that I had been wanting to try and never got around to try but now I do!!! So you better believe someone screamed when they opened their box (I bet I'm not the only one!).
 So these were ALL the goodies I got!! So much right!!! Well for now I am going to show you some pictures and I will tell you how much they retail for and a little bit about each thing. So enjoy the pictures guys!!
 First off was this mini candle which can be found at Bath & Body Works from the brand White Barn. It is in the scent Black Pepper Bergamot. It retails for $3.50.
 Next up is this eyeshadow palette from NYC from the IndividualEyes collection in the color 0156-08 Dark Shadows. It retails for $4.99. This can be found at any drugstore.
 Next up is this Starter Eyelash kit from Kiss. They are in number 05. They retail for $5.99. They can be found at any drugstore.

This next awesome thing is the Goody Simplestyles Spin Pin. It retails for $7.29. It can be found at any drugstore.
Next up is this deluxe sample sized Not Your Mother's. Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream. This is a 1.5 fl. oz sized but the full sized (4 oz) retails for $6.00.
I also got this EBoost Daily Health Booster pack. $28 for box of 20 effervescent powders, $39 for box of 30 effervescent powders and $39 for box of 12 shots.

I also got this amazing coupon for Bath & Body Works that lets you get a 3-wick Candle for only $10!! And you can get up to 5!!

Last thing I got was this Vitabath Fragrance Mist in the scent Luscious Lemon Creme. I  don't have a retail value for this one.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I feel so lucky to have been chosen to receive one of these boxes and I will come to you guys with reviews on these products in the near future so stayed tuned!!

I Heart Fall Tag!! :)

I love fall because my birthday is in the fall and it is such a cozy time of year. It's not too cold or too hot, you can have fun bonfires and drink something warm. Oh and let's not forget! THANKGIVING!!! 

                                                            Favorite Fall lip products?

Really just Chapstick and any lipstick/gloss I feel like wearing that day. But mostly some type of lip balm because my lips tend to get really dry!

Favorite Fall nail polishes?
Anything dark but I will red or pink or something bright! 

Favorite fall beverages?
It would have to be hot chocolate or really anything hahaha maybe some vanilla chai! Even something cold like a soda. Really depends the mood I'm in!

Favorite Fall scents?
Anything musky or sweet smelling. Such as Pumpkin Pie or Vanilla.

Favorite Fall fashion accessory?
It would have to be boots and Cardigans hands down! I just love how cozy it makes me feel! 

Haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze?
I have never been to any but I would love to go on all three! They seem like so much fun!

Favorite Halloween movies?
I love the movie Hocus Pocus! Other than that really any that seem interesting on Disney Channel :)

Favorite candies to eat on Halloween?
Anything chocolate!! Hahaha I love chocolate! But at times it can be a bit too much, so by then I will grab some Skittles or some Starburst lol :)

Favorite Fall memory?
Gathering leaves with my sister and putting them on our trampoline and jumping! So much fun with the leaves all flying around you! Also when I was in kindergarten and we'd go to the pumpkin patch!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
I have no idea yet! I might just do some dark makeup or something simple like that!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and I tag all of you guys!!! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 7: Greek Goddess!

 So today's look was to do a Greek Goddess. This is what I came up with. I wish the gold had come out more gold on my eyes and the lipstick was not as gold as I had wanted it to be.
So on the instructions:
1. I took a shimmery burgundy color and added that to the middle of my lids.
2. I took a gold color and added that to my inner and outer lid and then blended it up and over my crease.
3. I lined my eyes with liquid liner and added lashes.
4. I then added a goldish color lipstick.
5. And that's it! You could curl your hair and add something that looks Greek but I just did the look! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Thank you for reading!!


Halloween Challenge Day 6: Devil/Angel!

 So today's look was to do a Devil/Angel. I just decided to do both hahaha! I thought eh why not? So if you choose a certain side be it devil or angel you just copy the side you choose onto the other side! But anyways I liked this one and it looked hella better in person. My mom really liked it! I had to go to Lowe's with my husband afterwards and my mom was like "Why don't you just go out like that?" Uh.... No thank you hahaha so I had to rush and wash my face off.

So onto the instructions:
1. I worked on the devil side first so I took a matte red shadow and put it on my lid.
2. Then cut the crease with a black shadow and blended that out.
3. I took the same matte red shadow and put it above the black and blended it out towards my brow.
4. I then took the matte red and a bit of the black and added that above my outer brow out towards my hairline.
5. I then drew in my brow with a matte black eyeshadow.
6. I added some dark contour and a red blush.
7. I then added red lipstick on half of my lips and then outlined it with black eyeliner and blended that out.
8. I added red glitter on my lid.
9. Added some lashes and you are done!!

1. I then worked on the Angel side. I took a shimmery white and added it on my lid.
2. I then took a light blue and added that to my crease and outer V and blended that out a little bit above my crease.
3. I took a slightly darker blue and used that in my crease to give it some definition.
4. I then added my lashes and black liner.
5. For my lips I used a frosty pink lipstick.
6. I went back and added a frosty white to my inner corner just to brighten it up a bit.
7. I added silver liner to my lower lashline and You are done!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Thank you for reading!!! :)



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 5: Fairy!

So today's look was a Fairy look. I decided to go with a dark fairy look. I really don't like this one. But I had so much stuff to do today that I just kind of put it all together as I went.
1. I already had my foundation so I went in with a black eyeliner pencil and drew out the shape that I wanted.
2. I then went in with black eyeshadow to blend out the edges which I really didn't do a good job.
3. I then went in with a purple eyeshadow and blended it into the black and a bit out so you could see it.
4. I then took a teal and blended it into the purple.
5. I went in with a black eyeshadow and defined my crease and kind of too make my eyes look bigger.
6. I added a teal to my brow bone.
7. I then added some big dramatic lashes.
8. I drew in my brows a bit darker.
8. I added some blue rhinestones above my brows. (which you can barely see because they are tiny!)
9. I added Maybelline's Fuschia Fever to my lips and went around it with a black eyeliner pencil and blended it out to give it some dark definition.
10. I added silver glitter liner to the circles on the bottom part of the shape, also under my lower lashline, my inner tear duct and on the lines above my brows.
11. TADA!!! you are done!

I hope you guys liked this look although to me it kind of looks sloppy :/ Thank you for reading!


Halloween Challenge Day 4: Zombie!

So today's challenge was to be a Zombie! I liked how this turned out but it could have been better! But anyways in person it was real scary!
So for the instructions on how to recreate it:
1. I tried to cover my brows using the gluestick method! hahaha fail!!
2. I then started adding black eyeshadow around my nose, mouth, forehead and eyes.
3. I took a matte burgundy and went in around the black to make it look bruised.
4. I then added  blood coming out of nose and mouth to kind of add to the effect.
5. I tried to make my hair gross looking.
6. DONE!

So that was pretty darn easy huh?! I really do like this look. It would have been awesome if I had some scary contacts. And this is my real eye color. It's just that when I use dark eyeshadows the color tends to lean towards red. Anywho thank you for reading!



Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 3: Doll

Ok so the next challenge was to do Doll makeup and here is mine although it's late! oops! But anyways here it is! So the steps are as follows:

1. I covered my brows using the glue stick method.
2. I did my regular foundation.
3. I then added blush. I just used a super bright pinkish reddish blush.
4. I then did my lips. I applied concealer to wipe them out then the the little doll pucker using a pinkish lipstick.
5. Next I did the white under my lower lash line to make it look like I had bigger eyes.
6. I added my brows which were obviously drawn higher than my normal brows again to give the illusion of bigger eyes.
7. I then added pinky eyeshadows and then topped it off with big dramatic lashes.
8. I added lashes on the bottom and lined on the extra space so it wouldn't look weird.
9. I finished it off with a big pink bow!
10. Tada!! You are done!

You can obviously use different colors for your blush, lips and eyes but I decided to go with a pink palette. I hope you guys enjoyed this look and go check out Esme's look on her blog!

Esme's Blog:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 2: Vampire!

 I had way too much fun with this one today and my son is having a lot of fun seeing my different looks also! He wasn't even scared of this one! Hahaha Anyways on to the steps.

1. I applied a really light concealer as my foundation and set it with a translucent powder.
2. I took a black creme shadow pencil and used it as my shadow base.
3. I took a red shadow into my crease and a little above my brow bone.
4. I took a black shadow and put it on my lid and blended it out with the red.
5. I also took the black creme pencil on my lower lashline and set it with a black shadow.
6. I lined my waterline and my lower lashline and added mascara.
7. I drew in my brows with my regular brow color but looking now a darker one would probably have been better.
8. I contoured with a dark bronzer and a dark blush.
9. I then added a red lipstick and used black creme makeup from the Halloween kits to darken up my lips.
10. I then added the fangs and fake blood.
11. Fin!

I hope you guys like this Vampire look and go check out Esme's look! Thank you for reading! 

Esme's Page:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Collab Halloween Challenge with Esme from A Beauty Addict's Diary Day 1 Black and Orange!

So this is my look for the first day of the challenge. Lame I know. But I was really pressed for time today and my son has been crazy fussy today :/ So I thought why not do a Jack o Lantern! Well I had a hard time putting on the face makeup and I forgot stick glue to cover my brows so ugh! But anyways I did it right? Hahaha next one will be better promise!

1.) Took black eyeliner and drew out the eyes, nose and mouth how I wanted them.
2.) Filled in the outlines of eyes, nose and mouth.
3.) Took white face makeup and put it all over my face.
4.) Took matte orange eyeshadow and set the white face paint.
5.) DONE! :)

Esme's blog link:

Thank you for reading! Next one will be better and more detailed!