Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 6: Devil/Angel!

 So today's look was to do a Devil/Angel. I just decided to do both hahaha! I thought eh why not? So if you choose a certain side be it devil or angel you just copy the side you choose onto the other side! But anyways I liked this one and it looked hella better in person. My mom really liked it! I had to go to Lowe's with my husband afterwards and my mom was like "Why don't you just go out like that?" Uh.... No thank you hahaha so I had to rush and wash my face off.

So onto the instructions:
1. I worked on the devil side first so I took a matte red shadow and put it on my lid.
2. Then cut the crease with a black shadow and blended that out.
3. I took the same matte red shadow and put it above the black and blended it out towards my brow.
4. I then took the matte red and a bit of the black and added that above my outer brow out towards my hairline.
5. I then drew in my brow with a matte black eyeshadow.
6. I added some dark contour and a red blush.
7. I then added red lipstick on half of my lips and then outlined it with black eyeliner and blended that out.
8. I added red glitter on my lid.
9. Added some lashes and you are done!!

1. I then worked on the Angel side. I took a shimmery white and added it on my lid.
2. I then took a light blue and added that to my crease and outer V and blended that out a little bit above my crease.
3. I took a slightly darker blue and used that in my crease to give it some definition.
4. I then added my lashes and black liner.
5. For my lips I used a frosty pink lipstick.
6. I went back and added a frosty white to my inner corner just to brighten it up a bit.
7. I added silver liner to my lower lashline and You are done!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Thank you for reading!!! :)