Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 4: Zombie!

So today's challenge was to be a Zombie! I liked how this turned out but it could have been better! But anyways in person it was real scary!
So for the instructions on how to recreate it:
1. I tried to cover my brows using the gluestick method! hahaha fail!!
2. I then started adding black eyeshadow around my nose, mouth, forehead and eyes.
3. I took a matte burgundy and went in around the black to make it look bruised.
4. I then added  blood coming out of nose and mouth to kind of add to the effect.
5. I tried to make my hair gross looking.
6. DONE!

So that was pretty darn easy huh?! I really do like this look. It would have been awesome if I had some scary contacts. And this is my real eye color. It's just that when I use dark eyeshadows the color tends to lean towards red. Anywho thank you for reading!


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