Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Collective Nail Polish Haul!

 Ok so I have a collective nail polish haul for you guys today! So onto business!

These are some of the new Pure Ice nail polishes at Walmart. I only picked up four because I really wasn't feeling the other ones. I might go back and get some more but later on. 
Pure Ice L-R: Show Stopper, Over You, Can't Stop and Never Satisfied
Discount Store:
So I got all of the following nail polishes for 99 cents at my local discount store. I know I went a little red crazy hahaha 
L-R: CQ Sunset Blaze, CQ Crimson Pearl, Covergirl Boundless Color Rose Coral, Fuschia  Fatale and Mauvelicious
L-R: Borghese Rubino Red, Venetian Red, Covergirl Boundless Color Crushed Berries, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength True Love and Chameleon Ballerina
Big Lots:
I got all of these Revlon nail polishes in two packs for $2 each pack. I fell in love with a lot of these and there were so many more that I loved but I already had a lot in my cart and a lot were doubles so I was like eh I'll just take these and pick up some more at another time. 
L-R: Revlon Scented Sugar Glaze, Crackle One Night Stand,  Scented Mint Gelato, Top Speed Mistletoe, Brilliant Bordeaux, Chic and Scented Cherry Bon Bon
L-R: Revlon Scented Fig Jam, Raspberry Scone, Crackle Dream On and Scented Apricot Pastry

Sassy, Top Speed Glitz & Glam, Crackle Who Cares?, Popular, Midnight Sparkle and two Scented Strawberry Cream
Dollar Tree:
I got these NYC nail polishes in two packs for $1 obviously haha 

L-R: Expert Last Velvet Rope, In a New York Minute Peaches N Cream, Expert Last Midnight Confetti and Ink Stain
I went to Walgreens looking for the Sugar Rush collection and found other little gems! Each polish was 
Sweet Nothing, Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated, Sugar & Spice, Orange Cream and Cotton Candy
Fantasy, Bombshell, In The Spotlight, Tantalize and Truth or Dare
Beau Khaki, Ardoise, Mauve and Cool Gray

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I will try to put up some more posts soon but as I said in an earlier post, I am kind of busy moving and cleaning so I will try my best to put up posts. 
Have an awesome day!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Haul!!

Ok first of all I know I haven't posted in a while and I have been on and off posting, but it's because we have been fixing up our house so we can move in soon so we have been pretty busy with that. But anyways this weekend we went out to buy stuff for the house and I picked up a few goodies while we were at it :)

I picked up these new NYC Trios for only $2.74 each. I didn't think Walmart would get them and I don't live close to a CVS and there is no Rite Aid anywhere near me so when I saw these at Walmart I flipped! I picked up three that caught my eye the most, but of course I'm going to go back for more! I really like these. 

Central Park Plums
Urban Spice
West Vintage

We went to Deals to see what we could find for our house and I picked up all of these goodies!! There weren't that many things but I did get some good things. Everything shown was a Dollar although all things are not a dollar at Deals

LA Colors Palette in Trendy

Maybelline Great Wear Lipsticks L-R: Mocha and Maroon
Maybelline Great Wear Lipsticks Top: Maroon Bottom: Mocha

Maybelline Hydra Time Lipsticks L-R: Saucy, Desire and Eccentric 
L-R: Maybelline Hydra Time Lipsticks Eccentric, Desire and Saucy
LA Colors Palette in Cafe Au Lait
Almay Pure Blends single eyeshadows  Top: Sage Bottom: Lavender
LA Colors Shimmering loose eyeshadow in Snow White

Nivea A Kiss of Cherry

Just some clips. Hahaha 

Again we went to go look for house stuff and I found these two things that I liked. There were some other nice things but I just decided to get these two. 

Profusion Color Grid $5.99

ELF Ultimate Eye Collection $4.99

I went to Walgreens to look and see if they had the new Limited Edition 8-pan palettes from Wet n Wild for spring, but they didn't :( I did however find some Sinful Colors Nailpolishes that I did not have. I got each of them for $1.99.

Starfish, Tempest, Charmed, Sugar Rush, Calypso and Enchanted 
Thank you guys so much for stopping by! Have an awesome night!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reveiw+Swatches: Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette

So continuing with my review and swatches on the Coastal Scents 12 pan palettes, here is the Think Pink Palette which is inspired by Rose Petals. I really do enjoy this palette because you have a nice mix of mattes and shimmers and the colors are just gorgeous! I got this palette on sale in October because they were having a special during the whole month in honor of Breast Cancer and I believe they were donating part of the proceeds to a breast cancer foundation. I believe I got this palette for half off so it was around $6.50 since the original retail value is $12.95

I again hope this helped someone out! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Direct link to palette:

Friday, February 8, 2013

Review+Swatches: Coastal Scent Winterberry Palette

So I have swatches for you guys featuring the Winterberry Palette from Coastal Scents. I will be doing the other 12 pan palettes that I have from them. I have 5 in total including this one so keep a look out for the other ones. I bought these palettes a while ago and am just now getting around to doing swatches. I hope these swatches help out in deciding to buy this palette. 
I personally do like these eyeshadows but it isn't my favorite. It is a beautiful palette nonetheless but I don't reach for this very often because of the colors. I mean it does have some nice colors for on the lid some a bit for darkening the crease but they are all shimmery. 
This palette retails for $12.95 on the Coastal Scents website.
Now onto pictures and swatches!

I hope this helps someone out there! I hope you guys enjoyed! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review + Swatches: LA Colors Glitter Liners

I bought these glitter liners at a local dollar store for $1 each. I really do like these glitters but you really have to build it up because it seems like it's packed with glitter but it isn't as you will see in the swatches, they took me like two strokes and still it's not that much glitter. I do however like these. I am missing one color which is just a silver color which if I find it or buy it online I will do a post on it. Enjoy the pictures! 

L-R: Electric Pink, Cyber Blue, Fusion Plum, Copperfield, Iced and Sequin

L-R: Lime Light, 3D, Night Dust, Firefly and Peacock

Top L-R:  Electric Pink, Cyber Blue, Fusion Plum, Copperfield, Iced and Sequin
Bottom L-R: Lime Light, 3D, Night Dust, Firefly and Peacock

Electric Pink: Hot pink glitter
Cyber Blue: Dark blue glitter
Fusion Plum: Hot purple glitter
 Copperfield: Copper glitter
Iced: Duochrome/ Iridescent glitter
Sequin: Blue glitter
Lime Light: Lime green glitter
3D: Black/Silver glitter
Night Dust: Black glitter
Firefly: Gold glitter
Peacock: Teal glitter
Thank you so much for reading!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

120 Matte Palette

So I found this awesome palette on ebay and I was instantly in love with it but I kind of put off buying it and finally decided I wanted it pretty bad so I went ahead and ordered it and I am SO glad I did! I love this palette! The shipping was super fast! I bought this on 1/10/13 and got it on the 21st! And in perfect condition! As the description says, it is all matte except for maybe a few shades which kind of verge on being satin. I think this palette is wonderful although some of the darker shades are kind of "duds" as in they are not very pigmented :/ I really do like this palette though. I did a few swatches so you kind of have an idea of how bright they are. As a base I used elf all over cover stick in apricot beige.

Link to the site I bought this palette:

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thank you so much for reading! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

168 Palette #2

I bought this  palette on ebay because I had been wanting the 168 palette. There are two versions so I might get the 1st version later on. :) Anyways I really like this palette! If you have the 252 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette from Coastal Scents then the eyeshadows are the same size as those in that palette. They are smaller than the ones in the 120 palettes. I am really enjoying this palette. I have been using it daily since I got it! I think I got it on Saturday and I had ordered it on the 10th of this month. It came in perfect condition.
Onto some pictures and some swatches! I used elf all over cover stick in apricot beige as a base.

Link to store where I bought this palette: 

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thank you so much for reading!