Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Collective Nail Polish Haul!

 Ok so I have a collective nail polish haul for you guys today! So onto business!

These are some of the new Pure Ice nail polishes at Walmart. I only picked up four because I really wasn't feeling the other ones. I might go back and get some more but later on. 
Pure Ice L-R: Show Stopper, Over You, Can't Stop and Never Satisfied
Discount Store:
So I got all of the following nail polishes for 99 cents at my local discount store. I know I went a little red crazy hahaha 
L-R: CQ Sunset Blaze, CQ Crimson Pearl, Covergirl Boundless Color Rose Coral, Fuschia  Fatale and Mauvelicious
L-R: Borghese Rubino Red, Venetian Red, Covergirl Boundless Color Crushed Berries, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength True Love and Chameleon Ballerina
Big Lots:
I got all of these Revlon nail polishes in two packs for $2 each pack. I fell in love with a lot of these and there were so many more that I loved but I already had a lot in my cart and a lot were doubles so I was like eh I'll just take these and pick up some more at another time. 
L-R: Revlon Scented Sugar Glaze, Crackle One Night Stand,  Scented Mint Gelato, Top Speed Mistletoe, Brilliant Bordeaux, Chic and Scented Cherry Bon Bon
L-R: Revlon Scented Fig Jam, Raspberry Scone, Crackle Dream On and Scented Apricot Pastry

Sassy, Top Speed Glitz & Glam, Crackle Who Cares?, Popular, Midnight Sparkle and two Scented Strawberry Cream
Dollar Tree:
I got these NYC nail polishes in two packs for $1 obviously haha 

L-R: Expert Last Velvet Rope, In a New York Minute Peaches N Cream, Expert Last Midnight Confetti and Ink Stain
I went to Walgreens looking for the Sugar Rush collection and found other little gems! Each polish was 
Sweet Nothing, Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated, Sugar & Spice, Orange Cream and Cotton Candy
Fantasy, Bombshell, In The Spotlight, Tantalize and Truth or Dare
Beau Khaki, Ardoise, Mauve and Cool Gray

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I will try to put up some more posts soon but as I said in an earlier post, I am kind of busy moving and cleaning so I will try my best to put up posts. 
Have an awesome day!!

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