Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 5: Fairy!

So today's look was a Fairy look. I decided to go with a dark fairy look. I really don't like this one. But I had so much stuff to do today that I just kind of put it all together as I went.
1. I already had my foundation so I went in with a black eyeliner pencil and drew out the shape that I wanted.
2. I then went in with black eyeshadow to blend out the edges which I really didn't do a good job.
3. I then went in with a purple eyeshadow and blended it into the black and a bit out so you could see it.
4. I then took a teal and blended it into the purple.
5. I went in with a black eyeshadow and defined my crease and kind of too make my eyes look bigger.
6. I added a teal to my brow bone.
7. I then added some big dramatic lashes.
8. I drew in my brows a bit darker.
8. I added some blue rhinestones above my brows. (which you can barely see because they are tiny!)
9. I added Maybelline's Fuschia Fever to my lips and went around it with a black eyeliner pencil and blended it out to give it some dark definition.
10. I added silver glitter liner to the circles on the bottom part of the shape, also under my lower lashline, my inner tear duct and on the lines above my brows.
11. TADA!!! you are done!

I hope you guys liked this look although to me it kind of looks sloppy :/ Thank you for reading!

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