Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 9: Barbie

So today's look was BARBIE! How fun huh? Well this is what I came up with. I used blue, purple and pink and I enjoyed this very much because I have worn looks like this quite a few times.
So onto the instructions:
1. I did my regular foundation routine.
2. I then did my eyes. I added a pink color on my lids.
3. I followed that up with a light purple in my crease and blended that up above my crease.
4. I took a darker purple into my outer V to kind of give a bit of definition.
5. I took a teal color on my lower lash line.
6. I lined my eyes with a whiter liner.
7. I lined my eyelid with a black liquid eyeliner.
8. I added a bit of sparkly white pigment eyeshadow in my inner corner to give it some sparkle.
9. I then added some lashes that I got from ebay.
10. I added pink blush.
11. For my lips I added some bright pink lipstick.
12. Do your eyebrows and you are done!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look because I know I did! It's pretty simple to do! Thank you for reading!