Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Challenge Day 2: Vampire!

 I had way too much fun with this one today and my son is having a lot of fun seeing my different looks also! He wasn't even scared of this one! Hahaha Anyways on to the steps.

1. I applied a really light concealer as my foundation and set it with a translucent powder.
2. I took a black creme shadow pencil and used it as my shadow base.
3. I took a red shadow into my crease and a little above my brow bone.
4. I took a black shadow and put it on my lid and blended it out with the red.
5. I also took the black creme pencil on my lower lashline and set it with a black shadow.
6. I lined my waterline and my lower lashline and added mascara.
7. I drew in my brows with my regular brow color but looking now a darker one would probably have been better.
8. I contoured with a dark bronzer and a dark blush.
9. I then added a red lipstick and used black creme makeup from the Halloween kits to darken up my lips.
10. I then added the fangs and fake blood.
11. Fin!

I hope you guys like this Vampire look and go check out Esme's look! Thank you for reading! 

Esme's Page: