Friday, December 28, 2012

Shany Cosmetics Haul!

I made my first Shany Cosmetics order and I am very happy! I had been wanting this makeup set for a while and then I saw a few youtubers use it and I was instantly sold! I went onto their site with a coupon which took $10 off of my order so I got this set for only $48 with the coupon (original price $98!) and free shipping! I was very happy and I am in love with this set! It has everything you need, four eyeshadow palettes, one lip palette, concealer palette and a blush palette. The pigmentation and texture is amazing as is the staying power! Their shipping was fast considering I live in Missouri and they shipped from Texas. They also included so many samples with my order and I will definitely order from them again. So onto the pics of what came in my order.  
My son's hands and foot :) lol he wanted some spotlight also 
4 eyeshadow palettes
Lip palette
Concealer palette
Blush palette
ALL the samples they sent!

Liner swatches

Eyeshadow swatches

I hope you guys enjoyed this and try out Shany Cosmetics because they are awesome, at least what I got was awesome :) I hope you guys have an awesome night! Thank you for reading! 

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