Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Forever 21 88 Eyeshadow Palette!!

Yup! Ya heard (or read)! Forever 21 has an 88 eyeshadow palette!! I went to finish Christmas shopping with my sister this past Sunday and we stopped in at Forever 21 and they had such wonderful makeup which a lot of it caught my eye but I decided to bring this one home with me because I am a sucker for eyeshadow palettes. Now this palette is just like the other palettes that you see, your typical matte black case. It has the love & beauty emblem on the bottom right hand corner in gold. If you smell the palette it has that powdery scent that some cheap eyeshadows have, not the chemical smell that most 88 eyeshadow palettes, so I prefer the powdery scent to the chemical smell. It is also Cruelty Free!! Yup that is right, so maybe they specifically made this palette for themselves instead of ordering them from a big wholesale site? It retails for $14.80 which I think is a pretty good price. It feels pretty nice like any other 88 eyeshadow palette you would get from Coastal Scents or the sort. I personally like this eyeshadow palette, the eyeshadows are pretty pigmented and you get a nice array of shimmer and matte although the matte ones have a bit of glitter but nothing that would be visible. It kind of disappears as you blend the color. I personally recommend this palette. It's a nice little gem! :)

 Hope you guys enjoyed this and you guys go out and get it so you can try it out! Thank you for reading!

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