Monday, December 17, 2012

Discount Store Haul!

So a few days ago I went to the discount store again and found some wonderful little gems! Yay! I love it there! But anyways I got a bunch of lipsticks and glosses, some nail polishes and one blush! I didn't swatch the nail polishes because I have a 1 year old son, so it's hard for me to do that. But aside from the nail polishes I swatched everything else and listed the prices! Hope you guys enjoy!

Milani L-R: Sentimental, Berry Rich and Cafe Stop $0.10 each

L-R: Infinite Spice, Red Fatale, Enduring Berry and Refined Ruby
L-R: Refined Ruby, Enduring Berry, Infinite Spice and Red Fatale $2.4

Burn and Delight $1.99 each
Burn and Delight

Rosewine and Black Cherry $2.99 each

NYX Pandora, L'Oreal True Red and Revlon Cozy Coral each $0.10 each 
L'Oreal True Red
Revlon Cozy Coral Top Flash Bottom No flash

NYC Violet Candy$1.99, Milani Moulin Rouge $0.79, Revlon Rosegold and Bordeaux $2.99 each
Revlon Bordeaux and Rosegold, Milani Moulin Rouge, NYC Violet Candy

CQ Mint Green, Sally Hansen Grey Area and Essie Merino Cool $0.99 each

NYX Mosaic Powder in Love $2.99
NYX Mosaic Powder in Love

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed and have an awesome day!

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