Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Haul!

Ok so this weekend wasn't that exciting, because number one I am waiting for Cyber Monday to order some stuff and I already have some stuff in the mail sooo I just got a few things! 

First up Family Dollar:
I went to a thrift store with my mom on Saturday I believe in another town and there is a Family Dollar there so we went to go check it out and I found this little Color Workshop (I think) set for only $1! So I thought why not? Well when I got home I opened it (after pics of course!) and was surprised. First off the mascara is BLUE! Blue. yup. blue. Which is eh whatever. Then I moved onto the shadows which I was like WTH?! I mean it was a dollar but the eyeshadows are in in this flimsy little package which you would expect some chocolates or something lol I was like WOW. Then I swatched them with my finger and :( yup that's all I can say. But I was like no maybe these have more to them than this crappy payoff so I put a bit of primer on my hand and I took a flat shader brush and then swatched them and I was pleasantly surprised. Not the best I can tell you that much but not that bad. So I mean you get what you pay for but they're alright. 

Blue Mascara :D
I also got another LA Colors 5 pan palette. I had gone to a Family Dollar in a town about an hour from me and had seen this palette and had wanted it but didn't get it, so this time I was like eh what the heck and picked it up. It was $1.50 and it's gorgeous! It's in the color Waterworld. And that is exactly what it is, beautiful greens, blues and turquoise colors! And if you have ever tried LA Colors eyeshadows you know their pigmentation is the bomb! I'm glad I ended picking it up.

 Next I went to Dollar Tree:
I didn't find much there like always :/ I just got some cotton balls and I got this LA Colors blush which was really pretty and I didn't have it. It is in the color Spice and of course it was only a dollar. I like this color. It's pretty and shimmery and it has alright color payoff. I did swatch it only on my hand so maybe it will look better on my face (hopefully :))

And last but not least is WALMART!:
Ok So they recently released their 55 new shades which I still have to do a weekend haul on them. But they also released a Holiday Nails display which had some gorgeous colors and GLITTERS! I picked up the most unique and well pretty colors. They retail for $1.97 and they were on the edge of the wall that has the Christmas gift sets if that helps any :) 

L-R: Five-Some, Playtime, Sleigh Ride, Sugar Cookie and Twist & Shout

L-R: Kissing Cupid, Cherries On Top, All Nighter, Red Hot Mama & Sweet-Tart

L-R: Gift Of Gold, The Secret Is Out! & Party Hard
 I hope you guys enjoyed this haul and you find anything that you liked here! Have a Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get around to posting something today later or tomorrow! 


  1. That eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous too!! Too bad the color pay off wasnt so great for you.. :\. The polishes look so pretty!! <333

    1. Working with it I think it would be alright :) but like I said, not the best. And the polishes are AMAZING in person! I about passed out when I saw them haha :D

  2. I want those glitters....My walmart sucks in the beauty department -.-

    1. So does mine! I went to the walmart in the town where my in-laws live. Their town is a bit bigger than mine so maybe that's why.

  3. great colours! would you like to follow each other? let me know!