Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FOTD: Butterfly Kisses!

 Today I have this bright fun look for you guys today! I loved this look!!! I thought it was so fun and playful. I used my 180 palette which has to be my favorite palette so far. I will try to get up a review post as soon  as I can because this is the most amazing palette!

Excuse the little mess ups
I really liked how this look turned out. I think it looks better with a white eyeliner in the waterline because I think it makes it look that much brighter as opposed to a black liner. It would make it more closed in and not as vibrant.

For my lips I used this LOL Lip Out Loud! Lip gloss from Jordana in the color FYI which is a really pretty pink color. I don't really like the smell of this gloss but the consistency is ok and the price is ok as well. I got it for $1.99.

1. I took this pink and put it on the outer 2/3 of my lid.
2. I then took this purple and blended it in my crease and a bit up.
3. I took this teal color and put in on my lower lash line.
4. I took this shimmery white and placed it on the inner part of my lid as a highlight.
5. I took the light matte color from Wet n Wild Vanity palette and used it as a highlight and to blend out the harsh lines.
6. I lined my eyes with black liquid liner, added mascara, added Kiss's Lashes in 07 and put a white eyeliner in my waterline.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look. I know it is similar to a look I have done before but I just really like these pastely colored looks! Have a nice night and day tomorrow! :) I know I will! One of my ELF orders will be here tomorrow!!!



  1. ooo this is so gorgeous! i love the colors you used! so pretty!

    1. p.s. where can I reach you? email? I would love to do a makeup challenge for halloween if you'd be interested! :D

    2. You can reach me at nanachikita10@yahoo.com and yea I would love doing a Halloween makeup challenge!