Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ELF Haul! :)

So another haul! I had this one overdo as well. It is some stuff I ordered online and then some stuff I bought at the stores this weekend. I have another order in the mail right now so when I get it it will go up. 

First up I got these two Luscious Liquid Lipsticks in Nude Pink and Perfect Pink. They are some really pretty shades and have a pretty decent texture. Below I have a picture of some swatches. These two lipsticks came in my ELF haul.  


Then I got some blushes. I got the powder blush at Target for $3. It is in the color Candid Coral. I really think this is a nice color. It's a perfect coral-y peachy color. The texture is nice and soft. Then I got two cream blushes at Deals each for $1 each! And these blushes are still on the website for $6 so holla! hahaha When I was swatching these I really didn't like the texture so I'm glad I paid $1 instead of $6. They are some pretty shades don't get me wrong but the texture, it's weird.

Then I got these three concealer palettes. These were in my ELF order. The consistency of these is nice and soft and I really like them! I got a Complete Coverage Concealer in Light. I got two Corrective Concealers in Neutralize & Conceal and Erase & Conceal. I got these for $3 each in my ELF order.

So I got two Stipple brushes from their studio collection for $3 each. I really like this brush. At first I was like uh no, but when I actually tried it I definitely fell in love! I also got this eyeliner pen for $1 from the essential line and it is really good. The stipple brushes I got from the ELF order and the pen I got from Target.

I also got this eyeshadow palette in Neutral. I had got it because on Nouveau Cheap she had talked about how it had dupes for the Naked palette and the colors looked pretty so I said why not. This palette was $3.
1. Flirt Cream Blush
2. Heartbreaker Cream Blush
3. Perfect Pink Liquid Lipstick
4. Nude Pink Liquid Lipstick
5. Black Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
6. Candid Coral Blush
Palette swatches in the order of the palette picture above. As you can see some of them are intensely glittery.

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul and give ELF a try if you haven't already. They have some misses but definitely a lot of hits! I really enjoy this brand and they come out with really nice stuff.

Have an awesome night and day tomorrow!