Thursday, September 20, 2012

FOTD: Digging You For Gold

 I have a look for you guys today! I used a Giovi palette I got in Texas last year at a random little store lol It's really nice! It has some really pretty shades as you will be able to see in the picture below. I decided to curl my hair today! I wanted to look snazy hahaha :) Hope I pulled it off!

This is the eye look. I used a really pretty coppery color from the palette as the main focus which looked way better in person believe me!

On my lips I just used Wet n Wild's Megashield lipstick in Peach Keen which I think is a really nice color to go with this look. It is a really pretty coppery nude color. It is a really pretty everyday color!

For my blush/contour I used ELF's Mellow Mauve. It is a really pretty mauve color with sparkle. Not intense sparkle, just enough! ;)

I used Jordana's Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara which is my all time favorite mascara! It makes my eyelashes amazing! I also used Jordana's FabuLiner on my top lashline and on my inner bottom lash line I used L.A. Colors Glitter Liner in Firefly.

1. I took this color from Wet n Wild's Vanity palette and put it in my crease as my transition color.
2. I took this copper color and put it in the middle of my lid.
3. I took this light shimmery color and put it in the inner part of my eyelid blending it in with the copper color.
4. Is really supposed to be #5 put I mixed them up! :/ I took this color on my outer V and up into my crease to darken it up a bit.
5. I then took #4 and applied it as my highlight color as well as using it to blend out any harsh lines.
6. I lined my eyes added mascara, then added the gold glitter liner in the inner part of my lower lash line.
7. I took this "MAC" pigment that I got off of Ebay and added it to my inner tear duct to give it something extra.
8. And you are done!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look although it's quite simple because I had important errands to run so sorry :/ Anyways I hope you guys have a good night and good next day!


P.S. Only NINE more days and I'm 21!!! YAYAY :D


  1. What a lovely look! You're absolutely stunning :) Now following you <3

    1. Thank you so much! And I just looked at your blog and you do amazing work! Definitely following back!!! :)

  2. very pretty! and omg i love your hair like that! You should do a tutorial! :D

    1. Thank you! And I will definitely try to do one!