Thursday, August 9, 2012

FOTD: Caught Up in a Cotton Candy Whirlwind :)

     So today I did this look with really no inspiration, I've just been wanting to work with these colors for a while. I've done a look kind of like this one before. Anyways I just used my Manly 120 palette 1st edition which is a pretty accessible
palette! Hope you enjoy!                                            

For my lipstick I used the L.A. Colors lip gloss/ lipstick duo in Natural. It just comes with a nude lipstick and a clear gloss. I think it's a really pretty nude and it is such a nice formula not dry or anything really moisturizing. Amazing little duo for only $1! I got some of mine at Deals and some at Dollar Tree.

I really liked how it turned out :)

I kind of don't like how these lashes turned out... Should've used different ones.

Lashes are Miss Adoro #62

Ok so now for the steps of how I did it:
1. I applied this teal-ish color on my lid.
2. I went in with the pink and blended it up towards my brow and in with the teal.
3. I took this purple so subtly darken the crease and help blend out the pink and teal.
4. I took a matte skin tone highlight on my brow to blend out harsh lines then I went in with a shimmery skin tone highlight right below my brow to add a little definition.
5. I then lined my inner lower lash line with the teal and the outer lower lash line with the pink and blended those two together.
6. I lined my waterline with a white eyeliner and lined my upper lash line with a liquid liner, added mascara and then my lashes, and finally went back with the liquid liner to cover up the glue.
7. Added my lipstick
8. Fin :)

Hope you enjoyed this look and I inspired you! :)

XOXO -Belem


  1. oooh so gorgeous!! love the look chica! <3

  2. very bright and playful! definitely reminds me of cotton candy! great job! :)

  3. I love eye makeup but when I try to add more than one color it always looks messed up to me...Do you have any tips cause your make-up is beautiful:)

    1. My tips are just to blend a lot and lightly layer the colors so they don't mix in a bad way.