Friday, August 10, 2012

FOTD: Blueberry Iced Brownie

So today I went with a neutral look because I had some important errands to run, so no fun colors today :/ I just added a bit of blue on my lower lash line so it wouldn't be so boring. But I hope you guys enjoy it!

I got this Maybelline lipstick at the Dollar Tree along with some other colors. They are pretty good lipsticks very pretty colors and moisturizing. 

1. So first I took the brownish color out of the Wet n Wild Vanity palette and used it as my transition color.
2. I took the dark matte brown color from the Natural Shany eyeshadow palette and applied it to my outer V and crease just to darken things up a bit.
3. I then took the goldish color and added it to my lid.
4. I blended it out with the matte skin tone highlight from the Shany palette.
5. Then I took the blue from the 120 palette 2nd edition.
6. I finished it off with mascara and eyeliner both on top and on my waterline.
7. I applied Maybelline's lipstick in Nude Shell.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look although it's a bit blah and kind of looks like a look I did a while ago. Have an amazing weekend!

XOXO - Belem


  1. this is so pretty! :)What mascara do you use?

    1. Thank you! I use both loreal bare naturale and jordanas mascara they sell at walgreens with black an pink packaging

  2. Very pretty! A neutral Eye with a Pop of color! you can't go wrong with that :]