Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BH Cosmetics Haul Ft. 120 4th and 5th Edition palettes

I know I haven't been posting a lot but my son was really sick and is still sick and we have also been fixing up our house because we hope that we will move soon!! But anyways a while back bh cosmetics had a deal on their 4th and 5th edition palettes. You got both for $25! What an awesome deal right? I had been eyeing these anyways and glad I got them!! I absolutely LOVE the 5th edition and as you will seen in the pictures they changed the layout of the 4th edition. As you know when it came out it was a jumbled mess of colors and that is how it is shown on their website so I open the palette and was kind of confused and then realized, they put them in color order know like other 120 palettes. So onto the pictures. I didn't swatch sorry! 

 I hope you guys enjoyed this small haul! I do have a MAJOR collective haul coming up if I decide to put it up because it is HUGE and I also have another Mizoutlet haul. Have an awesome day! 


  1. Great pallettes! I hope you're son is feeling much better. No need to apologize for the lack of posts, by the way. Your readers love you, no matter how many times you post :)