Thursday, January 10, 2013

Collective MUA Haul! :)

Ok so I've placed a total of three orders with MUA and I was so happy when I got my first order I went ahead and ordered again and after a few weeks they had another promotion and I thought eh why not so I placed a third order. I am SO disappointed with the second order I can't even begin to say. They package their stuff in a little mailing envelope that has that thin line of bubble wrap in the inside. And two of my palettes were broken. The one that I was most excited about was missing three colors and two were cracked. When I say missing the colors I mean that the shadows were completely broken and as I was unwrapping my palettes I noticed that the dang powder was EVERYWHERE!! I wanted to cry because they take so long to ship and you pay how much ever you pay which I mean their prices are pretty good but still you are paying for something to get to you in a nice condition and they are a pretty well known company so I would expect them to put a bit into their packaging to make sure you get your things right. But they wrap everything like that and I guess the person that wrapped my third package was either very careful or I got lucky because I had 3 or 4 palettes in my third order and nothing broke.

Dusk Til Dawn Palette
Undressed Palette
Glamour Nights Palette
The Artiste Palette
Glitterball Palette
Going For Gold
Glamour Days Palette
Immaculate Collection Palette

Shade 2 City Of Gold
Shade 1
Shade 2
Blush Shade 6
Top: Sweet Nothings
Bottom: Lips Are Sealed

Glamour Nights £4
Dusk Til Dawn £4
Undressed £4
Glamour days £4
Glitterball £ 4
Going For Gold £4
Glamour Days £4
Immaculate Collection £8
Love Hearts Lip Balms £2
Intense Glosses each £2
Liquid Liners each £1
Glitter Liner £1
Bllush £1

I got the Artiste Palette free with an order because it was a promotion that they had. I'm also missing 2 lipsticks because I totally forgot to take pictures of them. I also forgot to take a picture of the Sugar Lips lip balm up close sorry :/ but it is a beautiful color! I hope you guys enjoyed this haul! Thank you so much for reading!

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