Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sally's Beauty Haul

This will be my first blog post ever so excuse me if the pictures are not the best. :( I was dealing with my 7 month old son who is teething and still had to swatch these colors :/ Ah the joys of being a mother.
Anyways on to the haul, Sally's had been having 50% off of Red Tags so I got six nail polishes.

I got:
Picasso's Puce- Finger Paints: $3.29-50% off= $1.60
Mahogany Magic- China Glaze $3.29-50% off= $1.60
Hook and Line- China Glaze $3.29-50% off= $1.60
Decades of Dysfunction- Orly $3.99-50% off= $2
Grave Mistake- Orly $3.99-50% off= $2
Buried Alive- Orly $3.99-50% off= $2

 Below are some swatches again pardon the quality of the swatches and pictures.

                                          Decades of Dysfunction
 Well Decades of Dysfunction is a hard color to describe maybe whitish grayish lavender. It's pretty but hard to describe. It only took me two coats.

                                          Hook and Line
 Hook and Line took me two coats and it's a gorgeous chrome-like silver.

                                          Mahogany  Magic
Mahogany Magic isn't one of my favorites but I mean it's still a pretty color. It's just a brown maybe good for fall and winter and could be pretty with a topcoat of some sort such as a glitter maybe. it took me two coats.

                                          Buried Alive
 Buried Alive took me two coats but maybe with three it would be better. It's an amazing color for fall I think. It reminds me of pumpkin spice and leaves falling. It makes me feel warm and cozy haha :) I love fall!
                                          Picasso's Puce
 Picasso's Puce took two coats and it's a very gorgeous color. It's coming out a bit red because of the flash but its kinda brown red.

                                          Grave Mistake 
For Grave Mistake I only had to use two coats but you can see some visible nail lines though. It's a pretty red for any occasion.

Hopefully you guys liked this post and the rest of my posts will only get better.